FYRE Peer Instructors are actively engaged and motivated students interested in connecting underclassmen to the facilities, activities, and resources needed to successfully navigate their Rutgers–Camden experience.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for a Peer Instructor (PI) position must meet the following eligibility criteria 

  • Be at junior or senior status by the fall semester FYRE class
  • Have a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of application and during the following semester
  • Be available to participate in all training sessions (summer dates to be announced)
  • Be available to attend periodic meetings with FYRE staff during the fall semester when teaching 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities of a Peer Instructor?

Peer Instructors (PI’s) will lead our first-year experience FYRE courses. These courses for incoming first-year students are intended to:

  • help students familiarize themselves with the Rutgers-Camden communities;
  • develop their sense of identity and purpose as an undergraduate student;
  • engage with and develop key skills that will help them to accomplish their personal and professional goals; and
  • take ownership of their journey on our campus.

Each FYRE course is a 10-week, 1-credit course. Each course meets once a week for 80 minutes during the fall semester. With guidance and supervision from faculty and staff, PI’s will plan, develop and execute their lessons based on the FYRE Elements.

How do I apply to be a PI?

Applications are available From February 15 to April 15, 2024. You may submit your application at https://fyre.camden.rutgers.edu/peer-instructor-application/ and a personal statement. More information is available on the form.

What qualities make someone a strong candidate for a PI position?

We are looking for candidates who want to earn Internship credit, are enthusiastic about Rutgers–Camden, committed to their studies, actively involved in the Rutgers community, and excited about mentoring first-year students. No teaching experience is required! You will be compensated $3,000 for your work during the fall semester. 

What is the time commitment?

Serving as a PI is a major commitment. Once chosen, PIs must attend summer meetings and up to 10 hours a week during the fall semester. Under guidance and supervision, PI’s must also plan and write their lesson plans. Once the fall semester arrives, PIs teach their FYRE courses and meet with the FYRE director during the fall teaching semester. For your efforts, you will be compensated $3,000. 

Are PIs compensated/paid?

Yes, PIs are paid for teaching and for participation in the training sessions. Beyond financial compensation, being a PI also demonstrates that you have skills that are valued by employers and graduate schools alike: leadership, creativity, responsibility, communication skills and organizational skills, to name a few. Additionally, you will earn 3 internship credits. These credits can be used for your EXP general education requirement. You will be compensated $3,000.